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SEER is the first international trade event in Algeria, simultaneously dedicated to the electricity and renewable energy industries.

Through a wide range of products and solutions on display, the show brings together various operators (equipment manufacturers, distributors, design offices, electricity suppliers, installers, etc.) in the fields of electricity and renewable energies.
The event, being oriented on electricity in general, also gives a capital importance to renewable energies which are current and occupy the attention in recent years, given the important stakes for the protection of the environment and the preservation of the planet.

During the show, the choice is wide and open to exhibit all types of products and solutions
used in the following branches of the electricity sector:

indoor and outdoor lighting

Production of electrical energy

Transport and distribution networks

Special products
APEX Certified Types

Tests & Measurements


Control and automation

Renewable energies
Solar & Wind

Domestic electricity
& Home Automation

control and automation

Tooling &
safety equipment

SEER 2024

Why exhibit ?

Exhibit at the SEER in Algeria offers companies many advantages:

  • Booming market: Algeria is experiencing rapid economic growth thanks to its structuring projects, offering great opportunities to exhibitors.
  • New Products and Services: The show allows companies to present their latest innovations and introduce them to the Algerian market.
  • Business Opportunities: The diversity of exhibitors and visitors promotes interactions and the creation of partnerships, thus expanding the geographical area of activity and the client portfolio of exhibiting companies.
  • Customer-Supplier Relationships: The presence of a large number of professional visitors, representing companies, facilitates the establishment of initial relationships that can develop after the show, leading to mutually beneficial collaborations.
  • Public awareness: The show also attracts the general public, allowing exhibitors to present products for domestic use, such as home automation systems and solar photovoltaic installations, raising consumer awareness of these solutions to reduce electricity costs.

In summary, exhibiting at SEER in Algeria offers companies the opportunity to seize the opportunities of a growing market, expand their business network, establish partnerships and raise awareness of their products both professionals and the general public.


SEER 2024

why visit?

Visiting the SEER is beneficial for both professional visitors and the general public.

Trade visitors will have the opportunity to meet exhibitors specialized in electricity, offering solutions adapted to their technical needs.

For their part, visitors to the general public will be able to discover products designed for domestic use, such as home automation systems and solar photovoltaic installations, which optimize energy consumption and reduce electrical costs.

In summary, the show offers technical solutions to professionals and presents innovative products to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

SEER 2024


The trade fair SEER, focused on electricity and renewable energy, attracts a wide range of visitors. From consumers of domestic electricity to industry professionals, such as managers, engineers, technicians, buyers, sales, HSE services and consultants, all are expected at this event.

The renewable energy component of the show also arouses the interest of visitors with general or specific knowledge in this field. With the significant progress made in recent years to make technologies more affordable and the growing concern to reduce electricity bills, visitors from households and industries will find solutions and answers to their needs at the show.

In short, the show SEER offers a dynamic and diversified platform to meet the expectations and demands of visitors, whether they are domestic consumers or professional players in the electricity and renewable energy sector.


Creative thinking

the vision ofAdvision El Djazair is to create an event that will bring together both professionals and the general public, highlighting two closely related energy areas: electricity and renewable energies. The objective is to promote exchanges and synergies between the actors of these two sectors to promote a sustainable energy transition.


In order to register as an exhibitor,

Please download the following form:

Dossier SEER 2024 DZD

Dossier SEER 2024 EUR


Afin de nous accompagner durant notre salon,

Veuillez télécharger le formulaire suivant, le remplir et nous l'envoyer via mail :

Dossier Sponsor SEER 2024

exhibition plan

On an area of 5000M², more than 150 exhibitors from different activities and from various countries are expected at the SEER.

An exhibitor can select several adjoining modules to design his exhibition stand.

The choice of modules can be mentioned on the registration form.

The allocation of one or more modules is done according to the chronological order of the confirmation of participation by the exhibitors.

Please download the floor plan in modules of different surfaces:

Download plan


In accordance with the health measures taken by SAFEX and dictated by the authorities
Advision El Djazaïr has developed a guide for exhibitors and partners of the
trade show SEER.

Guide to health measures

exhibitors list

List of exhibitors at the 5th edition of the show:


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